History Pierson Export


The company is founded by Mr. Hendrik PIERSON from the Netherlands.
He starts with backing from a large Dutch company specialising in cooked rice.
He then launches into textiles with “GUINEE SHANDORA”.

He is the first representative to undertake a trip to Africa.



He forms a partnership with Mr. MEUNIER, and the company then becomes PIERSON MEUNIER.
Trips to Africa, as well as product lines, gradually increase.

He abandons the textile part of the company to dedicate his time to the development of food and miscellaneous ranges.



The company expands its activity to the French-speaking territories in the Indian Ocean, Pacific and Caribbean.

From 1969 onwards, several directorships follow, including that of Mr. DELCHAMBER



Mr. BARBIER takes over management of the company and establishes a new team – the activity is quickly extended to other territories, notably East Africa and South Africa.
Shares in the shareholding change hands and Mr. BARBIER becomes a majority shareholder through a holding company.

Purchase of the ABC brand.



Change of company name and logo: PIERSON MEUNIER becomes PIERSON EXPORT.

Takeover of the company INTEREPCO (tools), with the aim of diversifying the product range.



Purchase of the company CAF EXPORT (industrial supplies, tiles and plumbing), creation of the SEED
endowment fund whose mission will be focused on food security in Africa by supporting agricultural and rural development. seed-foundation.org